Why do we care?

Why do we care?

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When we see animals, like elephants, grieving the death of another
we call it a human reaction.
When someone acts with no feelings for others we call them “in-human”.
But even if caring/loving/having compassion is what defines us as human,
it only exists when it is expressed and received.
Compassion is not the event that occurs,
it is that which transpires during the event – and it’s effects are not only felt, but gives measurable positive results.
It is the universal solvent, making healing possible.
Compassion is the elixir to all ills,
yet it only exists through a willful action,
the same way picking up a violin allows music to occur.

Nowhere can compassion be seen playing a bigger role
than in times of human crisis.
When humans are in need they may want physical assistance.
Skills and technology offer what they can,
but when faced with our own mortality,
we turn towards that which is universal.

The healthcare-field is the cutting edge of the question
of what really makes a difference to us humans.
In the doorway between life and death
It is not complicated question.

The funny thing is that compassion given
and compassion received has the same effect:
It slows down time.
It takes us out of isolation.
And it makes life meaningful.


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2 Responses to Why do we care?

  1. In fact, having access to one of these inexpensive services and systems could be the difference between life and death.

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